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App Settings - Poker Odds Calculator Pro

Poker Odds Calculator Pro Training Series: App Settings covers number of simulations, auto-adjust, 4-color suits, card clicks.

Example #1 - Poker Odds Calculator Pro

Simple example of AA vs KK vs 87. Covered concepts: add player, entering cards, calculating, diving into player stats, hand rank breakdown stat analysis, ...

Basics - Poker Odds Calculator

Tutorial for Poker Odds Calculator app. The app is available in the apple app store. Support site for app: (this is for the non-pro version of app)

Poker Odds - Android App Review by ReviewBreaker

CRITICS NAME: ReviewBreaker PUBLICATION: GAME : POKER ODDS CALCULATOR. Poker odds is a collection of 2 poker games i) ...

PrOKER Poker Odds Calculator

The best Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator for Android. Get it on Google Play here:

Calculation Modes - Poker Odds Calculator Pro

Poker Master - Unique Android Texas Hold'em game

Poker % - Poker odds calculator (2010 May)

For a recent version please check here:

Poker % - Poker odds calculator on iPhone by Itchigoo (2013 July)

Here is a demo of the main features of the Poker odds calculator, for iPhone, by Itchigoo. Intuitive design, Fast calculations, Relevant indicators, Elegant layout ...

Poker Odds iPhone App Review AppleAppInsider

Store:iTunes, iPhone App Review by AppleAppInsider.

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